Working at height is required in a surprising number of employment roles, and with safety being a priority, individuals need to be aware of all the necessary considerations. Here at Boss Training, we provide the right Health and Safety training. Many of our courses cover a variety of aspects regarding working at height, giving you the best knowledge to prevent serious injury. Although working at height may be an everyday occurrence for some, there are some considerations you should take.

Consider The Risks of Falls From a Height

Falls from height are responsible for many serious and fatal injuries every year. It was always assumed that if a person fell from a height of above two metres, they could sustain a serious injury. However, the current view is that a serious injury can occur from a fall from any height. Many work activities involve working at height, with working from ladders, scaffolds, and platforms obvious examples, but there are many more activities where people are required to work at height, such as roof work and at the edge of elevated structures.

As you consider the risks of falling from a height, it can make you more aware of the safety precautions needed to take to successfully fulfil the job requirements without causing serious harm to you or others around you.

The Risks of Working At Height

The main hazards associated with working at height are people falling and objects falling onto people below. These may occur as a result of inadequate edge protection, or from poorly secured objects, and there are many workers who could be at risk of falling from height at work.

Painters, decorators, window cleaners, and those who undertake one-off jobs without the proper training, planning, or equipment are at high risk of suffering a serious injury.

Select The Most Appropriate Equipment

This is a vital aspect to help ensure safety, and measures should be in place to ensure that, before use, any equipment designed and supplied is fit for purpose and well maintained. Equipment should be selected that conforms to standards relevant to the intended use and that is compatible with the work.

Our IPAF Safety Harness Training Course shows attendees how to choose the right equipment for the job and also demonstrates how to use fall arrest and restraint equipment, providing you with the right knowledge on height safety in the workplace.

How Boss Training Can Help You

Here at Boss Training, we have many health and safety courses covering working from height. We offer PASMA accredited training which enables the safe use of mobile access towers at low level, through the PASMA Low-Level Training course, which covers equipment such as podium steps and folding room scaffolds. For those who work at a higher level, our PASMA Towers for Users course is for you. With working at height, the importance of safety is vital.

With all these considerations, look at all the courses we offer regarding safe work at height. For more information, get in touch with a member of our team and book one of our courses today!