Training courses are there to provide individuals with the correct knowledge and qualifications for certain aspects of their job. Health and Safety is a prime requisite for particular types of employment, ensuring yourself and other employees are safe in your place of work.

Here at Boss Training, our professionals provide the correct health and safety training, covering a wide array of areas, including working at height. With numerous jobs requiring individuals to work at height, our training courses are right for you. Safety courses that involve working at height have more elements than usual, and here is what to expect from this type of training course.

Safe Working At Height

Did you know that falls from a height account for more deaths every year in the workplace than any other single issue? This reiterates why the Work at Height Regulations are so important. Safe working at height training is essential for those who have to work in any area where they may be at risk from a fall. The aim of the Safe Working At Height Training Course is to enhance people’s awareness of the issues involved in this sort of work situation.

This course has a 4-hour duration, where you learn about the Work at Height Regulations of 2005 as well as any other HSE legislation relevant to them. Here are some of the things this course will teach:

  • Working at height will be defined and explained
  • Risk assessment in relation to working at height will be taught
  • Hazard identification when working at height will be explained

Ladder Safety Training

The Ladder Safety Training Course will benefit those who use ladders or steps in their work. Most health and safety practices advocate the use of scaffolding towers or powered access equipment for working at height, but there can still be a case of using a ladder, usually due to height restrictions, or the task in hand being simple enough for their use.

The aim of ladder safety training enables people to use ladders safely and with minimal risk. At Boss Training, our ladder safety training equips you with the skills to conduct inspections, recognising and eliminating the danger of incorrect ladder use. It provides you with the knowledge to conduct risk assessments, and select the right equipment for the job according to the accessed height.

The course will provide candidates with an appreciation of the hazards of using ladders and steps, and the measures required to control the associated risks. Here are some of the things included on the ladder course agenda:

  • Risk assessment and User responsibilities
  • Ladder and Steps – common defects, what to look out for when checking equipment
  • Task assessment: Is the ladder strong enough? Is the ladder long enough? Is the ladder safe enough?
  • Health and safety and current legislation on ladders and usage

It’s important for businesses working at height to have the correct training, and Boss Training are here to provide it for you. Our courses cover everything from the basics of working at height to our IPAF coursesGet in touch with a member of our team today and book your course to give you the qualification in no time!