Here at Boss Training, we understand the importance of workplace health and safety, and how imperative it is for both businesses and employees. Regulations are put in place to ensure the safety of workers, whilst helping to decrease the chance of injury.

Like myths, there are many misconceptions which have risen regarding workplace health and safety. Here we list five health and safety misconceptions:

It Costs Too Much Money

You won’t find many useful things that come without a cost, and spending money on properly training employees is one of the most worthwhile investments a business can make. Our health and safety training courses help you achieve the right knowledge associated with dealing with a workplace injury.

The expenses associated with dealing with a workplace injury or illness could end up being more expensive than the training, so investing to prevent injuries and reducing risks will save you money in the long run.

A Hazard Free Workplace is Impossible

Taking care and being aware of your surroundings in the workplace can lead to preventing accidents occurring. Although it seems like there’s a lot to observe, from worksites to heavy machinery, you can get the idea that workplace injuries are inevitable.

The majority of accidents are avoidable under adequate health and safety policies, and by aiming for a hazard-free workplace through identifying risks (and doing relevant training courses, such as the PASMA Combined Training Course), you can take a step towards reaching this goal.

pasma combined standard and low level training course

Health and Safety is Common Sense

It is wrong to think health and safety is just common sense for all, as a lack of knowledge can affect even the best of worker’s intentions. Employees may perform tasks dangerously because they may not realise their behaviour is unsafe. As an employer, you must regularly address safety, and a health and safety course can help you achieve this.

Manual Handling Training is a Waste of Time

Manual handling injuries are one of the most common non-fatal injuries, with this being an unavoidable part of the job in a lot of work settings. Manual handling can pose a significant health risk when lifting heavier objects, but by using proper techniques and prevention methods can drastically lower the risk associated with manual handling.

Our manual handling course helps you to avoid these injuries occurring in the first place, by teaching individuals how to make assessments on whether an object is suitable for lifting, and the techniques to use if it is deemed safe.

Employees Can Choose Not to Follow Regulations

All employees are responsible for workplace safety and following these regulations enforces safety policies. For some jobs, protective equipment is required, such as a hat or gloves, and an employee can sustain an injury if they choose not to wear their protective equipment. Safety regulations are there for your benefit, and choosing not to follow them can be dangerous for both you and your colleagues.

Here at Boss Training, we have a number of health and safety courses available, offering a wide range of training. Our professionals are here to help, get in touch with a member of our team by calling 01422 358184 or emailing, and get your course booked today!