Health and safety regulations are there to prevent accidents and injuries from occurring, so it’s essential that they are carefully followed. Here at Boss Training, we understand the importance of health and safety; however, like many subjects, there are numerous myths that surround health and safety.

Some may have been believed by many of us over time, and some you may have heard about at one point or another. Here are five health and safety myths you should be aware of:

Graduates Are Not Allowed to Throw Mortar Boards

There is no health and safety law that stops graduates from having fun and celebrating their success in the time-honoured fashion! The chance of being injured by a flying mortar board is incredibly small, when the concern should really be whether the hats are going to be returned in good condition. This is definitely a health and safety myth.

Office Workers Banned From Putting Up Decorations

Each year, there are some companies who ban their workers from putting up Christmas decorations in their offices for ‘health and safety reasons’, or require the work to be done by a ‘qualified individual’. However, if given the correct equipment and suitable ladders to put up decorations, this isn’t a problem.

Flip Flops Banned From The Workplace

During the summer, many of us are aware that, when the weather gets warmer, a change of footwear is sometimes necessary. Many think about wearing sandals or flip-flops to work in order to stay cool, and despite rumours, there is no health and safety law that bans them. Although, it is best to be aware that slips, trips, and falls do account for 30% of all workplace accidents, and what you choose to wear on your feet can make a difference.

If you work somewhere where the floor cannot be kept dry or clean, then wearing shoes that fit well and have a good grip would be a better choice than flip-flops.

Hanging Baskets Banned

This is a myth that, if repeated enough, someone will believe it to be a genuine requirement. This myth arose after a town briefly taking down its hanging baskets in 2004, over fears that old lamp posts would collapse. However, after quick checks, the hanging baskets were replaced and have been on lamp posts in this same town every year since.

Park Benches Must Be Replaced

There is a myth stating that all park benches must be replaced because they are three inches too low. You must be thinking ‘how is there a health and safety law on this?’ Well, there isn’t one. It seems the story originated from a decision made by a facility manager and has no basis in health and safety law at all. There are actually no such bench height requirements, and HSE will definitely not be sending inspectors to measure the benches!

Health and safety are a very serious matter. Here at Boss Training, we have a number of health and safety courses available, offering a wide range of training for various aspects of the subject. Our professionals are here to help you, so get in touch with a member of our team and get your course booked today!