Some of the most dangerous jobs in the world involve working at height, resulting in more fatalities and injuries than all other sectors. However, with proper training and equipment, many dangers are instantly eliminated, which is why having this in place is crucial.

Working at height climbing a ladder with a harness

The safety of your employees should be at the top of your list of priorities, but you must also consider legal compliance and your business’ safety when your work involves height. So, we’re helping you understand more about working at height training by spotlighting the courses we offer here at Boss Training. We’re looking into everything you need to know about working at height training, including what the course entails, and its importance; let’s find out more.

What Is Working at Height?

Defined by HSE, working at height is any work in which a person could fall from a distance and injure themselves if the proper precautions were not put in place. Many different workplace environments and a long list of industries require employees to work from height. In fact, work from height is found in more places than you may initially think; here are a few examples:

  • Using ladders, step ladders, or any other kind of step to gain access to another level
  • Using working platforms, such as cherry pickers, scaffolding, and scissor lifts
  • Working on roofs
  • Window cleaners working on the sides of buildings

Even if a job requires you to stand on a chair, you are technically working at height, so it’s important that, as the employer, you acknowledge this and provide employees with suitable training.

Working at height cleaning windows

What Is Working at Height Training?

Because of the dangers of working from height, thorough training is legally required for anyone working in this environment before any work can commence. A competent person in the business is responsible for organising this; if the right training isn’t implemented, the company could face serious legal trouble.

The type of training required will differ from industry to industry and depending on the business type and the environment in which the work will take place. For example, working at height training for domestic painters and decorators using step ladders will differ entirely from construction workers using scaffolding on a daily basis.

We offer a range of courses at Boss Training, both online and onsite, all offering various benefits suitable for many businesses.

Why Is Working at Height Training Important?

Proper health and safety training is crucial for any workplace, especially for height-related jobs. This is because the environment is incredibly dangerous, and there is an extensive list of hazards to be aware of when working in these conditions. Without suitable training in place, before work commences, you are putting your employees in danger of injury and, in some cases, fatalities.

Working at height training is a legal requirement by The Work at Height Legislation 2005, so if you fail to comply with the law, you could find yourself at considerable legal risk.

A man working at height using a drill up a ladder

Online Working at Height Training

As mentioned, here at Boss Training, we offer different working at height courses, including our online option. This provides workforces with bitesize training modules that they can take at their own pace, ideal for refreshes and learning about the importance of safety. We will cover a range of topics, including:

  • The dangers of working at height
  • The hierarchy of control
  • Prevent the risk of falls
  • Minimising consequences
  • Risk assessments

Our online learning is a great, flexible tool that allows employers to take training into their own hands and monitor employees while they complete the necessary course. Book the online working at height training course today to ensure your employees’ safety.

Onsite Working at Height Training

We also offer an in-person half-day training course to support businesses that prefer a more hands-on approach to learning. During this course, we cover all the essential topics as part of our online programmes, but you have the added benefit of a dedicated, experienced Boss Training professional instructor to guide you through the day.

We run these in-depth courses nationwide, so no matter where your company is based, we’ll never be too far away to provide our expertise.

If you think your business could benefit from our safety training services, whether online or onsite, we’re here for you. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, and a member of our team will be more than happy to assist and find the best training method for you and your company.