ROSPA Health and Safety Awards 2014RoSPA Health and Safety Awards 2014 celebrate safety in the workplace

Sometimes it seems that the only news about health and safety is doom and gloom so it is nice sometimes to be able to celebrate the ‘good guys’ whose attention to health and safety have won them awards from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) who are holding three awards ceremonies this year. The first two galas have already been held and the third, to be held in September, is eagerly awaited, to see who the winners will be.

A wide range of categories

The number of categories covers many different aspects of occupational health and safety and so many companies from small businesses employing just a few people to multinationals can apply to be considered. The list of requirements is very extensive and only businesses with exemplary safety records will be successful. But it isn’t only businesses who can receive awards – the Guardian Angel awards are given to individuals who have gone the extra mile to achieve an outstanding level of health and safety in their workplaces and so far this year almost forty individuals have been honoured, with three exceptional people being awarded the very prestigious Archangel Awards.

Many recipients to prove a good all round level of safety

Although some of the awards have just one recipient, many have dozens which is a really excellent proof that many businesses in the country have exemplary records of health and safety. The Order of Distinction, awarded only to companies with a record of 15 Gold Medals in consecutive years, has over 70 members in 2014, which shows just how important the wellbeing of the workforce is to many companies. The types of business are very wide ranging too, from major construction companies to colleges and essentially ‘office bound’ systems. This is a great celebration which proves that no workplace can afford to ignore health and safety.

Spreading the word

Over the four nights of the celebrations (the Birmingham Gala in May was over two nights due to large take-up) RoSPA expect to extend their hospitality to over 3500 guests and award winners. Winning an award is not easy and it is very heartening to see how many people in the workplace from every level and in every sector are putting the safety of themselves, colleagues and employees first in their everyday working practices. This year RoSPA have incorporated their useful Learning Hub with the galas, so that delegates who are attending either as prize winners or guests will have an opportunity to learn more by attending seminars and workshops on the subject of health and safety at work, presented by the very best in the business. Holding gala evenings to celebrate good work in the arena of occupational health and safety is not the end of the matter of course – RoSPA helps improve the level of safety in the workplace all year round, with the emphasis on training and education.