Our PASMA Scaffold Tower (Towers for Users) training course is sought-after by many, due to the many benefits it offers. This course is best suited for anyone who needs to assemble, use, inspect, alter and dismantle mobile access towers.

PASMA towers for users training course

We provide on-site training as well, which is what we did at the Luton Hoo Hotel, Golf & Spa this past May. The goal of this training was to ensure that staff can take responsibility for health and safety for themselves and others, that workers are trained to a high level of competence, and that they can create a safe work environment.

PASMA Scaffold Tower (Towers for Users) Training Course

This is one of our most popular courses. The reason for this is clear; operatives working on mobile scaffold towers need to be clear of the risks associated with it, as well as how to remain safe at all times.

On May 4th, Boss Training headed over to the Luton Hoo Hotel, Golf & Spa in Luton, Bedfordshire, to provide a training course for eight members of the maintenance staff. The aim of this training was to allow them to carry out high-level repairs and cleaning without putting themselves or others at risk.

Learning to work safely at height is one of the objectives of this training course, as PASMA trained operatives, therefore, understanding risks and what to do to remain safe. They are also able to work using a mobile scaffold tower, are trained to safely assemble it, know how to check for damages and understand the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Liz Ballinger, the organiser of this course and the person responsible for its occurrence at Luton Hoo Hotel, had this to say about our training:


“Interesting, engaging, the trainer knew his stuff and they [maintenance staff] learned a lot of things. They all seemed to enjoy the day, so thank you very much.”


We couldn’t be happier that everything went well and that the maintenance staff at the hotel enjoyed their training! Hands-on learning is incredibly important and helps you to retain knowledge and understand how to realise a certain task better, so we’re always thrilled to know our ‘students’ have felt the benefits of the course.

What You Get with This Course

Apart from technical knowledge and expertise, you also get certified. The UK Contractors Group approves the PASMA photo-card and certificate of competence that is issued upon successful completion of this course, which is also accepted on sites throughout the country.

This course needs to be renewed every five years to account for new developments and changes in legislation.

We can offer several different courses that allow you and your employees to stay up-to-date with health and safety legislation and to understand how to remain safe while at work. Browse our website for a comprehensive list of the courses we offer and we can soon be knocking on your door to train you or your employees as well!