An introduction to PASMA and what they do

PASMA (the Prefabricated Access Suppliers and Manufacturers Association) is a body that represents the interests of anyone who has anything to do with mobile scaffolding towers in their working life, whether they are the end user or the supplier. Working at height is the single most dangerous activity in any workplace and PASMA is there to help make sure it is as hazard free as possible. Their training courses are recognized across the world and many employers will not accept anyone working on prefabricated towers unless they have passed a PASMA training courses. All successful trainees will be issued with a card and certificate and employers know that these people will have an excellent grounding in working at a height.

Courses to suit everyone

PASMA courses are very varied, because the association knows from long experience that there is no one working above ground level who can do so without correct instruction. Low level platforms can also be dangerous – these are typically used in refurbishment and need to be easily and quickly portable, so come with their own built-in hazards – so these are included in a course of their own. Other courses cover high-level platforms, managing those who work at height and more specialised courses such as towers on stairs and towers for riggers. Most courses can be delivered in the workplace, which is very helpful as then questions which arise will be very relevant and can increase safety significantly. At Boss we pride ourselves on the quality of our customer’s experiences. Here is one example of the many positive comments and testimonials we receive:

“Attending the PASMA training session has really enlightened my outlook to safe working conditions on scaffold towers – very impressed, thank you”  – T Richardson, (Bell Security)

PASMA is all about information

Not only does PASMA design and delegate the delivery of courses to chosen companies such as Boss, the association also ensures that news about towers, their construction and innovations as well as safety issues, is disseminated as widely as possible to their members. Training is of course paramount and it needs to be kept up to date – PASMA has top-up courses for experienced tower users – but any changes to legislation or good practice also needs to be shared and this is something to which PASMA is dedicated.

Delegates from the prefabricated access community attend conferences and share any thoughts and news with as many people as possible. The information network represented by PASMA works tirelessly to make the workplace a safer place to be.

Teaching managers all about risk

In any business, there is usually someone who, though in charge, does not necessarily do the job on a day to day basis. It is essential that such people know what their staff are being asked to do, because although in a perfect world an employee will explain if a job can’t be done in safety, occasionally they will feel unable to speak out. If the manager understands the situation and has proper training in the preparation of risk assessments, these potentially dangerous working conditions should never arise, adding to the safety of everyone, working at height or on the ground.

Boss Training provide courses on the use of safety harnesses, correct ways of assembling towers and how to use access ladders and platforms with regard to safety of the people on the ground as well as at height. Boss, in association with PASMA makes sure that everyone has the tools to be safe at work.