Health and safety is a hugely important factor to consider in any workplace. Although the majority of workers are aware of health and safety regulations, there could be some things you may not have thought of. Accidents are not uncommon and health and safety regulations are there to try and prevent these from occurring.

Here at Boss Training, we provide training courses for managers and employees, so all workplaces can reduce risk to a minimum.

Keeping First Aid Close

Although it may not be possible for workers to carry first aid supplies with them all the time, supervisors should be able to ensure that first aid is always accessible to workers.  Basic first aid for minor burns, cuts, and falls should be available on site so that the required medical assistance can be provided to workers immediately.

Some injuries when treated immediately helps limit the damage caused and prevents infections from spreading. At Boss Training, through our First Aid Training course, we can offer a number of different kinds of first aid training, suitable for different types of organisations. This first aid course covers a number of factors, including:

  • First aid at work
  • Emergency aid for outdoor pursuits
  • Sports medicine
  • Paediatric first aid
  • Renewal of first aid at work certificate course

This one-day course also covers a wide agenda including;

  • Shock
  • Fractures
  • Burns and scalds
  • Choking
  • Wounds and bleeding

Regularly Inspecting The Workplace

Although this may seem obvious, some individuals could now and again forget to continually inspect the workplace, ensuring all areas are safe. It’s highly important for workers to regularly check all equipment and tools to ensure that they are well maintained and safe to use. By also checking storage areas, you are able to see if the area is stacked correctly and safely and if your employees are instructed on how to lift heavy goods without causing injuries to themselves and others.

Our Manual Handling Training course is available for workers and staff who lift or carry heavy loads. This helps to avoid injuries or damage occurring in the first place, by teaching individuals on how to make assessments on whether an object is suitable for lifting, and the techniques used to be safe. This course takes half a day to complete, with the agenda including:

  • Lifting and carrying safely
  • Techniques to avoid injury and strain
  • Manual handling risk assessments
  • Lifting and carrying in special occasions
  • How to recognise and avoid potential problems
  • Responsibilities of employers and employees

Provide Health and Safety For Staff

Providing health and safety for employees brings many benefits to the workplace. Effective health and safety reduces:

  • The number of injuries and deaths
  • Property damage
  • Illnesses
  • Absenteeism

By providing health and safety for staff, employees themselves can help promote safety procedures. Through the use of training courses, we aim to lower the accident rate in the workplace. We offer both in person courses and health and safety courses online to make things more flexible.  For more information about what we provide, get in touch with a member of our team and book one of our courses today!