When choosing a training course, you want to pick the one that will benefit you, your employees and your business the most. For this reason, it is crucial that you choose a company that can provide you with variety and depth of knowledge and expertise. Instead of learning just one aspect of a subject, you can learn about several different ones that will provide you with a holistic understanding of it.

So, what can you expect from the way we approach our training courses?

We Train Both Managers and Employees

We provide courses for both managers and employees. After all, we understand that everyone should be aware of health and safety issues, as that can not only help everyone remain attentive and safe in the workplace, but also help your business.

For example, in our IPAF Training Courses, we also offer the MEWPS for managers. This course is directed at anyone who manages personnel who work at height and are responsible for their health and safety. You’ll be able to select, use and maintain equipment and manage people operating that equipment.

We Look at Various Methods of Training

A holistic approach also ensures that you have several learning methods at your disposal. This is because people are different and, therefore, learn in different ways; while someone might excel at theory, others will learn better through a more hands-on experience.

To cater to both, some of our courses are not only theory-based but also have a practical component. Our PASMA Scaffold Tower (Tower for Users) Training Course is a great example of this. There is some theory to learn, such as health and safety regulations and understanding manual instructions; but there is also a practical session in which attendants can actually build a tower – and be assessed on their efforts.

The same goes for being in a classroom versus learning at their own pace. Many people prefer e-learning because it helps them understand the subject better, so we can offer this option.

We Discuss Several Health and Safety Issues

We don’t just offer training on one or two issues; our courses provide a wealth and diversity of knowledge in certain subjects so that you can obtain a deeper understanding of them. For instance, our PASMA Work at Height Essentials Course offers knowledge in guidance on working at height, its regulations, the danger of falling objects, inspection of working materials, details of industry training bodies, and much more.

Courses like these – ones that offer many different subjects – are perfect for businesses. You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of safe working at height and will have the peace of mind that employees will be prepared to safely handle the required tasks.

An all-inclusive approach can give you more value for your money – and ensure that you receive the appropriate knowledge and expertise after undergoing our courses.

What’s more we also offer options for your training, carry out in person training at your workplace or in one of our training centres, or health and safety training online through our dedicated portal.

Book your training courses with us by filling our online form or by giving us a call on 01422 358184. We’re always on hand to help you, so don’t hesitate to ask any questions about any of the services we offer.