Should you consider Non-Licensed Asbestos Removal Training?

For those staff who are required to handle asbestos including removal of asbestos containing materials (ACMs) or drilling through textured coatings, basic asbestos awareness training is not sufficient to meet your legal requirements. They must attend UKATA non-licensed asbestos removal training which we can also provide. If you’re not sure which training you need to provide please contact us and we can advise you.

Working with Asbestos – General Advice

If you think there may be asbestos present in materials you work with, you need to follow these precautions:

Do not commence any job if…

  • you believe asbestos could be present in the general area of work
  • there are sprayed coatings, boards or lagging
  • you have not been appropriately trained

If you work with asbestos you must ensure that…

  • the work has been correctly planned in accordance with the regulations
  • the proper precautions are in place
  • the materials do not need a licence
  • you are confident that you are competent and trained to conduct the work

Basic rules of asbestos handling*:

  • Use hand tools and avoid power tools
  • Keep materials damp and wear a suitable FFP3 mask; a proprietary dust mask will not provide sufficient protection from asbestos fibres.
  • Don’t smoke or consume food or drink whilst working
  • After work, wipe overalls with a damp cloth or use disposable type 5 overalls.
  • Make sure that overalls are removed before your mask and do not take overalls home to wash
  • Carefully place disposable overalls into an asbestos waste bag and dispose of them in the correct place

* This basic advice does not replace appropriate Asbestos Awareness Training. To protect staff, and to meet your legal requirements, ensure that the proper training is undertaken. Contact us if you would like advice on what is the most appropriate training for your organisation. We will soon be offering UKATA asbestos awareness training courses online.

To book your place on our asbestos non-licensed removal training course call 01422 358184 or send an enquiry.