It’s always nice to be appreciated. But when the call comes for last minute training – and it really is the last minute it makes it all worthwhile.
Once again Boss Training came up trumps for one of our customers at the eleventh hour.

The Health and Safety Executive have been running a number of well publicised campaigns to highlight the dangers of asbestos so it is no surprise that Asbestos Awareness Training is one of our most popular courses and we now offer an e-learning asbestos course.

We quite often receive enquiries at the last minute and end up having to sometimes juggle courses and instructors around to accommodate our customers. That is the nature of the business and we are more than happy to do this – the phrase “don’t worry, it’s what we’re here for” is often heard around the office when our sales staff are on the phone sorting out customers who are invariably under pressure and on the verge of panic!

Jenna Schofield: “I get a real buzz out of helping our customers find the right course and putting their minds at ease that once they’ve booked it with us they no longer have to worry about anything else, although last week we really had to pull out all the stops”

On 22nd February Jenna received a call asking for UKATA asbestos Category B non-licenced asbestos removal training. Nothing unusual there except that it was for the following the Friday. Okay she thought, we can do this. Within 30 minutes the order was secured, our trainer had received all instructions and confirmation had been sent to the customer.

On Wednesday morning 27th February the customer rang to cancel saying that the client that they were doing the work for had put the start date back and were messing them around. Not a problem, it happens… we booked another job for our trainer and wished them well.

Then at about 4.45pm on Wednesday we received a call saying it was back on and the course had to go ahead on the Friday as previously arranged. As Corporal Jones would have said “Don’t Panic!”

Thankfully, Jenna worked her magic again and sorted everything out – the course went ahead without a problem. So, when we say short notice we really mean it and believe that our customers deserve only the best service.
The following is a transcript from an email Jenna received after the course from one very relieved customer:

…Here is a PO for the Asbestos Course, Jenna
Many thanks for sorting this – Bob had nothing but praise for you guys – said you were very efficient (as always)…

Jenna commented “It’s really fun trying to do the impossible sometimes. It makes the job interesting and exciting but the most rewarding thing is when you get positive feedback from customers. That makes it all worthwhile”

So, whatever the course, location, timescale, number of people, put us to the test!